Your property taxes have increased over 20% in the past five years due to arcane rules of the residential rollback. I will work to simplify the property tax system, so homeowners have certainty and stability in their tax bills.  I will also work with, not against, our local governments, giving them the tools to control costs.

Education - Mark Nelson for Iowa House District 93 Iowa must have a strong education system to remain competitive in the 21st Century.  I will continue the work underway to ensure the best teachers are in the classrooms and the best principals are running the schools.

I support the use of annual evaluations, and I support making those evaluations available to parents and taxpayers. Administrative costs at public schools are way higher than at private schools, and they don’t improve education.  I pledge to work to lower administrative costs and put more money in the classroom.

I will encourage efforts to innovate, bringing creativity along with accountability, to promote 21st Century learning for all Iowa students.


Iowa’s workforce is the best in the world, but they are severely handicapped by uncompetitive regulations and some of the highest corporate and commercial property taxes in the nation. 

I will work to lower commercial property taxes, through reform, not a transfer of the tax burden to homeowners or the income tax.  I will work to reform the corporate taxing system and lower the rates to competitive levels. I will rollback stifling regulations, while retaining meaningful consumer and environmental protection.

I pledge to protect Iowa’s Right-to-Work status.

Pension Reform - Mark Nelson for Iowa House District 93 According to State Auditor David Vaudt, the gap between the promises Iowa has made for public employees’ retirement benefits and the money set aside to pay for them has grown to $5.7 billion – a 1,643-percent increase over 11 years.

I will work for pension reform to control the state’s future liability.

I pledge to fund our pension obligations, not simply push the ball down the road.


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