"Mark literally changed my life." 

Hello, my name is Kate Bolbas.
In 1998, when i was 19 years old, I came to the U.S. for the first time, and worked for Mark Nelson’s family as an au pair, helping him with his daughter Aubrey. Mark and his family "adopted" me as one of their own from the first minute I landed in the QC airport. Mark helped me with the language barrier, was very understanding of the culture shock, and was very encouraging of my desire to learn about and explore America as much as I could. Family trips, family gatherings, learning about American culture is what I remember the most from the first summer I spent with the Nelson family. 

Aubrey, Kate, JasperMark encouraged me to come back the next summer and finish my Bachelors. He told me about all the opportunities I could have with a diploma from an American school, and made me believe that sky is the limit for a young student like me. He didn’t just encourage me, but helped me to obtain my student visa, drove me to colleges to help with the application process, and paid for my 1.5 years of school.

In December 2000, he was a very proud "host father" when I received my Bachelors' diploma in Accounting from Marycrest International University (he is not shy about taking a credit, rightfully so, for "finishing up" my upbringing)

Fast forward a decade, and I am a successful financial examiner, who has travelled all across America and half the world. I realize that my success is a combination of my own hard work, luck and perseverance. But I also know that if it wasn’t for Mark, who took me under his wing and made me believe in myself, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Mark, literally, changed my life. He gave me a chance to let me be what I wanted to be. Even until today, my parents and my grandma still remind me to "keep in touch" with Mark, because they will always remember that this "complete stranger from across the ocean" turned the course of my life around and gave me the opportunity to do what they couldn't.

I think Mark would make a great State Representative. He is hardworking and giving. He is a wonderful and kind father. He is a man who knows what's right and who does what's right. He’s a person who changed my life for the best, and I am sure who is capable and willing of changing so many more lives for a greater and brighter future.

Former Davenport City Councilman Lauds Nelson's Grasp of Issues 

At a critical point in time for Iowa, we need political leaders that understand the financial and economic implications of their decisions. For that reason I am supporting Mark Nelson for state representative. For too many years our politicians have made decisions that gave us ‘short term gain for long term pain.’ This made bad taxing and spending decisions that made it difficult for our state to attract and grow businesses. Mark understands the implications of our taxing policies and especially our property tax policies aimed at business. These decisions have made it difficult for us to grow and create jobs and because of that these policies Iowa has actually kept wages down.

I saw the results of these policies during my eight years on the Davenport City Council. I often asked for Mark’s opinion especially those related to real estate. During times like these we need Mark’s understanding of the issues so that we do not end up like many states that now find themselves in a difficult financial condition. I strongly endorse Mark for the House of Representatives and would ask you to support him on November 6.

Bill Lynn
Former 5th Ward Alderman, Davenport, IA 

Mark Nelson Earns Endorsement of Iowans for Tax Relief PAC

OCT 5, 2012 | MUSCATINE, IA—Iowans for Tax Relief PAC has endorsed Mark Nelson of Davenport for State Representative.  

Lindsay McQuarry, Policy Director for Iowans for Tax Relief, said today, “Mark Nelson is the pro-taxpayer and pro-growth candidate in House District 93. He understands that rising property taxes are hurting Iowa’s homeowners, business owners, and workers.” 

McQuarry continued, “Mark is a strong advocate for reform of government pensions. He knows the state must correct its pension obligations now to avoid a financial crisis in the future. ” 

David Stanley, Chairman, and Rob Solt, President of Iowans for Tax Relief praised Nelson for “his dedication to protect Iowa’s taxpayers and his strong support for amending the Iowa Constitution to limit state government spending and give the people the right to vote on tax increases.” 

Mark Nelson is a candidate for the Iowa House of Representatives in the November 6 election.  He is a commercial real estate appraiser who specializes in complex appraisals and property tax appeals in the Midwest.

Iowans for Tax Relief PAC has worked to protect and defend Iowa taxpayers for 28 years.  It is the political action arm of Iowans for Tax Relief.   Paid for by Iowans for Tax Relief PAC

Contact: Lindsay McQuarry ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) Phone: 563-288-3510