Mark Nelson, Davenport, founder of the Opt4Better group, filed to run for the Republican nomination for Iowa House District #93.  Nelson’s active leadership role in Scott County and strong business experience make him uniquely qualified to help ensure Iowa’s fiscal and regulatory policies are positioned to support private job creation, and ensure the state’s fiscal stability.  “Iowa’s excessive corporate and commercial property tax rates hinder jobs growth, punishing our educated work force.” says Nelson.

Nelson was born in Scott County, and returned to the Quad Cities to raise his children, Spenser now 23 and Aubrey 22.   Both children graduated from Davenport Central High School.  Spenser lives at home, and Aubrey lives in a Community Care Group Home in DeWitt.

Nelson is a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser with over 30 years experience in real estate, working for Roy R. Fisher, Inc., a Davenport appraisal firm for 20 years.  He is licensed in Illinois and Iowa.  He specializes in complex appraisals and property tax appeals in the Midwest, with tax appeals experience in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Nelson has been active in the community coaching and umpiring in Southeast Little League, Davenport, and as a member of the Davenport Park and Recreation Advisory Board for 8 years, and chairman for the past four years.  With the Park Advisory Board, he was a member of the Duck Creek Task Force, the Fejevary Task Force - helping to close and re-purpose the Zoo, and the Credit Island Task Force - helping direct the redevelopment of the park.

In 2009, he founded the Opt4Better group, and led the fight to defeat the Davenport Promise referendum, providing a detailed analysis of the economic impact of the proposed entitlement program.  In 2012, he led Opt4Better in a voter education drive to address the 20% increase in local property taxes from 2006 - 2011.

“I am looking forward to meeting each of the residents of District 93 and working hard to earn their support.  I believe working together we can create jobs in Iowa.”